90% of the world's leading companies have used Research Disclosure

About Research Disclosure

Research Disclosure launched in 1960 is operated by Questel Ireland Ltd and is the industry standard defensive publication service. Over the last 50 years more than 600 editions of the Research Disclosure journal have been published, containing tens of thousands of technical disclosures from all areas of science and technology.

Defensive publication service

The Research Disclosure defensive publication service is both simple and effective. For a small fee we publish innovations and distribute them to every country in the world with a patent office. Therefore regardless of the different novelty standards of national patent systems, any item published in Research Disclosure thereafter renders the invention described unpatentable by anyone else.

Research Disclosure is an innovative, dynamic and creative service committed to offering the most effective defensive publication service available. Our service uses an advanced online and paper publication method and combines it with our 50 year old relationship with the world's patent offices to offer an unbeatable solution.

This is clearly reflected in our client list, containing over 90% of the worlds leading technology companies.

We have offices in the US and Europe and accept disclosure articles, written in any language, with or without illustrations, from inventors from around the world.

Research Disclosure

Research Disclosure database

Originally as a service to the world's patent offices we have created the Research Disclosure database. This significant non-patent literature full text database contains the entire Research Disclosure archive and has quickly become a recognised prior art search resource used by academic and corporate researchers as well as the world's patent examiners.