Research Disclosures cover the technologies and inventions that patent examiners need to find

Publishing disclosures

Research Disclosure offers a Defensive Publication service. We publish invention disclosures in the Research Disclosure journal and online database.  We distribute to patent offices and public libraries globally.  This establishes the published inventions as prior art blocking others from being able to patent them.

Why implement a Defensive Publication strategy?


Patent protection is expensive; specialist staff time is required to draft, negotiate and enforce.  Many innovations are worth this investment, others are not.


Taking no action increases infringement risk; what happens to innovations that are useful but don't warrant the patent costs? Take no action or keep the innovation secret and there is nothing to stop others patenting these unpublished innovations.


With a Defensive Publication strategy; you publish the borderline innovations which are typically;

  • Useful but won't generate significant revenue
  • or particularly difficult to patent;
  • or expensive to enforce even when patented;
  • or already well protected by other factors.


A Defensive Publication strategy

  • Reduces your patent expenditure
  • Reduces your litigation risk
  • Secures your freedom to operate


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