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Overview of the process

To publish a disclosure prepare the file in any of the formats shown below and upload via the submission form. Once approved we date stamp, make available for online searching and notify you of the paper journals publication date.

File formats

We accept submissions in PDF or Microsoft Word format.

Preparing a disclosure

  • Set both your files sizes up to A4 or US letter
  • Allow a margin of 1 inch, or 2.5cm
  • Font size should be at least 12 point

Submitting a disclosure

Upload your submission through the submission form here.

Disclosure processing

We extract the searchable text from your disclosure and create a rasterized pdf version to ensure that the text is immovable and that no changes can be made to the content. That pdf is then shown back to you for approval prior to publication.

Disclosure finalized

Once you give your final approval we will notify you of the paper journal's publication date and your disclosure will be date stamped and made available for online searching.  

Payment and publication confirmation

After publication of your disclosure.  We will send a copy of the disclosure as published along with your invoice to your billing address.

Research Disclosure

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