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Research Disclosure publishing agreement

By submitting disclosure content intended for publication ('Content' ) to Research Disclosure ('RD' ) you grant to the publishers of RD a non-exclusive world-wide licence in perpetuity to publish, copy or abstract the Content; reproduce and store copies of the Content in such format and by such technology and/or media as RD's customers may require; publish, distribute, transmit, and otherwise reproduce all or part of the Content in connection with, across and through the RD Journal, RD Electronic and the RD website; allow users to download, print, store and use the Content from the RD Journal, RD Electronic and the RD website. RD will be entitled to delegate, sub-license or assign all or any of the rights licensed to it under this Agreement to any third parties. 


You are completely responsible for the Content of any disclosures you submit for publication. You will indemnify RD for any losses suffered by RD if Content infringes anyone else's rights.