Companies that publish with us know that they can rely on their disclosures being found by the patent authorities

Why publish with us?

Choosing to publish a disclosure is the first step.  Choosing where to publish it is the important second step.  Your object is to place the disclosure somewhere that it will be readily found by patent examiners.  Saving your team from having to undertake the costly and time consuming proceedings required to have wrongly issued patents struck down. 

Patent examiner exposure

Research Disclosure has PCT Minimum Documentation status which mandates the International Search Authorities to search the Research Disclosure archive

  • Research Disclosure was established in 1960 and is received by every major patent office
  • Research Disclosure records are abstracted into the Derwent World Patent Index database
  • Research Disclosure receives tenfold more patent citations than all other independent defensive publication archives combined

Research Disclosure is proof positive

Established for over fifty years, Research Disclosure is recognised globally by the courts as an independent source of evidence of publication, sharply reducing the costs of objection proceedings. Our system of publishing in full both in print and online meets court standards of proof around the world.  

Research Disclosure