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Search help

Help on the Quick Search page

The Quick Search page allows you to query the Research Disclosure database using quick two term search queries.

Each search term is considered a phrase so entering computer and screen would search for disclosures containing the exact phrase 'computer and screen'. To search for disclosures containing the word computer and the word screen you should enter computer in the Term 1 box, select AND as the operator and enter screen in the Term 2 box.

Note: If you only wish to search on only a single term leave the Term 2 box empty.

If you need to enter search queries with more than two terms you can use the Advanced Search page.

Help on the Numeric Search page

Search page allows you to retrieve disclosures using unique RD Numbers.

The first 3 digits all RD Numbers relate to the edition of the Journal within which the disclosure was published and the following digits relate to disclosure position within the Journal.

For example disclosure 276110 is the 110th disclosure in the April 1978 edition (edition number 276) of the RD Journal.

General help


Right truncation

The database supports right truncation on words at least 3 characters in length. To use right truncation add the * character to the end of your search term.

As on the Quick Search page, each search term is considered to be a single phrase, you cannot choose to truncate a single word and not other words when all search words are contained within a single search term.

For instance if you entered comp* screen into the Term 1 box the database would interpret your query as 'comp* screen*'.

Stop words

Stop words are words that appear so often that they lose their usefulness as search terms.

Terms that contain only stop words will be automatically removed from your search. For instance the search: the AND computer AND screen would be automatically be changed to computer AND screen.

Stop words within a phrase are treated as wild cards. For instance the search query: 'the computer screen' would be interpreted as 'ANYWORD computer screen'.

Help on the Advanced Search page


The advanced search page is more flexible than the Quick Search page allowing unlimited search terms and parentheses.

Boolean operators
The Advanced Search page allows you to type Boolean operator directly into the Search Phrase or Author text boxes. The available operators are:

AND Retrieves only disclosures containing both search terms.

OR Retrieves only disclosures containing either search term.

NEAR Retrieves disclosures where both the search terms are present and are within 50 words of each other.

AND NOT Retrieves disclosures containing the first search term but not the second term.

Note: If no operator is entered between terms, the AND operator is presumed.

Phrase searching
Unlike the Quick Search page the Advanced Search page does not automatically group multiple words into a phrase.  If you enter the search query user interface the database would interpret it as 'user' AND 'interface'.  If you wanted to search for the exact phrase 'user interface' you need to encase the phrase in speech marks.

The Advanced Search page supports Parenthesis allowing you to easily enter more complex search queries.

For instance the search query:

 computer AND screen OR monitor

would retrieve disclosures that contain computer and screen and disclosures that contain monitor. However, if you entered:

computer AND (screen OR monitor)

you would retrieve disclosures that contain computer and screen and disclosures that contain computer and monitor.