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Subscription rates

Journal subscription

To receive a copy of the Research Disclosure Journal every month you can take out a subscription. The annual Journal subscription rates are:

Journal subscription rates

US (USD) Rest of the world (EUR)
$745 600 Euro

Database subscription

A Research Disclosure database subscription entitles you to unlimited access to the Research Disclosure database including unlimited pdf downloads.

Database subscription rates

  US (USD)Rest of the world (EUR)
1 Licence $1,4901,200 Euro
2 Licences$2,3501,800 Euro
3 Licences$3,1502,400 Euro
4 Licences$3,7502,880 Euro
5 Licences$4,2503,240 Euro

Multi user licenses

If your organisation requires more than one user to have simultaneous access to the Research Disclosure database then you will need a multi user license. The basic multi user license rates are listed above if you require more than 5 licenses please contact us at info@researchdisclosure.com.

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